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  • Lose weight and get stronger.
  • Get your own personal training program.
  • Workout at your own fitness level.
  • Enjoy a variety of training methods.
  • Improve your flexibility and recovery ability.
  • And more…
Start Working Out Today!


Personal training services at your home, hotel, a park near your location
or local gyms in the Tel-Aviv Jaffa area.

Small Group Workout

Whether you are an English speaker who lives in Israel or a tourist who spends some time in the Tel-Aviv area, you are welcome to join me for a fun and diverse workout. By the beach, the harbor or in one of the many beautiful parks and gardens that Tel-Aviv has to offer.

One on One Workout

Do you ever feel that you've tried so hard to lose weight or to gain muscle mass and didn't see results? Most of my clients have tried different gyms and diets but there was always something missing. We will work on improving your nutrition as well as your fitness level.

Trial Workout

I'm offering you a free trial. Come and experience a diverse and efficient workout. The workouts can take place either in your house or outdoor, in a park near your location.


My Story

Making a Positive Impact

I've always been very passionate about sports and fitness. So even though I studied different fields and worked in different jobs, it was only natural for me to become a personal trainer. In 2007 I received my certificate as a fitness instructor from the Wingate Institute for Physical Education.
Today I'm working with many types of populations, helping people to lose weight, develop straight, improve flexibility and basic physical abilities. My perception on the world of fitness and health is holistic, and I'm combining different methods that I've learned during the years.

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    The workouts are taking place in different locations around Tel-Aviv.